Etiquette You Should Observe When Viewing Abstract Oil Paintings

When you walk into an art museum, do you ever stop and stare at abstract oil paintings? If so, what is it that intrigues you about them? While some people may find abstract oil paintings confusing or unenlightening, others find beauty in their simplicity. Here are some tips on how you should approach abstract oil paintings the next time you visit an art museum.  Don't Stress Over "Getting It" When you're standing in front of an abstract oil painting in an art museum, you may feel many things. Read More 

Displaying A Progressive Southwestern Poster In Your Gallery

If you own an art gallery, your goal is to bring awareness to your clients. Art is intended to evoke emotion and thought, so displaying a progressive southwestern poster is one of the items you can consider putting out in your art gallery. You can display one of these posters for promotional purposes and to get your art gallery noticed. You want to make sure you put any progressive southwestern posters out there to showcase some of America's most classic rising history. Read More 

Acquiring Taos Monotypes When You Don’t Live In Taos Or New Mexico

Monotypes can be amazing to own when you think about how they are unique pieces of art that can't be duplicated exactly. And a monotype of a place like Taos, New Mexico, can be a magical thing to have hanging on your wall at home or in the office. But, if you don't live in Taos or even in New Mexico, what's the best way to acquire monotypes of Taos and get what you pay for in one piece? Read More 

Buying A Work Of Original Abstract Art For Your Interior Design

Buying an original work of art is an option for making your interior space more attractive and interesting. Throughout the entire art buying process, there are several tips that can assist you with navigating the art buying process.  Abstract Art Pieces Can Be Easier To Incorporate Into Interior Design Plans A difficult challenge when buying an original piece of art can be choosing an option that will fit the current color scheme and overall interior design of the room where it is going to be placed. Read More 

Buying Original Paintings For Your Home

Buying original paintings can be an option for improving the interior design scheme of your home. While paintings are a common sight in both homes and commercial properties, there are some unique factors that people may not fully appreciate when they are first starting the process of buying a new painting for their home. Scenic Paintings Can Be A Soothing Addition To Your Interior Design The subject matter of the painting that you choose is something that will have to be given special consideration. Read More