Acquiring Taos Monotypes When You Don’t Live In Taos Or New Mexico

Monotypes can be amazing to own when you think about how they are unique pieces of art that can't be duplicated exactly. And a monotype of a place like Taos, New Mexico, can be a magical thing to have hanging on your wall at home or in the office. But, if you don't live in Taos or even in New Mexico, what's the best way to acquire monotypes of Taos and get what you pay for in one piece?

Buy From a Taos-Based Gallery

You want to be sure you're getting what you expect, which means the monotypes of Taos that you buy really do need to feature Taos. If you've never lived there, have rarely visited, and don't have the landscape memorized, it would be too easy to find a monotype online from an e-commerce store that is labeled as Taos but that really isn't based on a scene in Taos. The best way to avoid that mess is to buy the monotype from a gallery located in Taos or directly from a Taos-based artist.

It's Possible the Artist Would Take Requests

Many people simply want scenes from the landscape around Taos, but if there is a particular part of town that you would like to have a monotype of, you can always ask if a Taos-based artist takes requests and if you could commission some artwork from them. Maybe you lived in Taos long ago and want a monotype of a specific park or street, or a view from a particular point. It will take longer to get the art, of course, since the artist has to find a picturesque spot, record the details, and then create the monotype, but it could be worth it.

Who's Responsible if It's Damaged in Transit?

If you're traveling to Taos, buying the monotype in person, and carting it away yourself, you know that you'll be responsible for its safety. But if you're having the monotype shipped, that's another matter. You need to get a clear picture of who would take responsibility if it were damaged (the shipper? whoever packed it?) and how you'd be compensated if the monotype were ruined. Ensure that the shop or artist adds a lot of insurance to the package because that will make life a lot easier for you if the package does sustain damage.

Galleries in Taos and surrounding cities should have very good shipping policies, but it always helps to check to be sure you know what to expect. Chances are good that you'll get your monotypes quickly and will be able to have scenes of Taos adorning your walls in no time. If you are looking for Taos monotypes for sale, contact an art dealer near you.